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India has witnessed strong economic growth over the last two decades which has led to the primary energy consumption growth of 5.2% over the 10 years (2008 to 2018) and 5.8% in 2019. While the overall primary energy consumption has been increasing, Coal has been the dominant fuel in the Indian primary energy basket because of domestic availability; the share of Natural Gas has remained around 6% over the last few years.

In the next few decades, natural gas is expected to play a significantly enhanced role in the Indian Primary Energy Basket, being environmentally cleaner. Government and Regulators recognize the need to augment the share of natural gas to around 15% in the Indian Primary Energy Basket by supporting the development of natural gas infrastructure in the country – both cross country pipelines and city gas distribution networks along with liberalizing the natural gas market.

Matrix Gas & Renewables Limited is emerging as the fastest growing Gas aggregator in India and aims to establish itself as a leader among India's natural gas sector, supplying and promoting the use of natural gas to support the energy requirements of a developing economy. With a focus on reliability and sustainability, the company strives to become a leading provider of innovative and competitive gas solutions, catering to the needs of gas consumers in India.

Advantages for our Gas Customers


Competitive Gas Price

We provide competitive gas pricing and customised tax structures to meet your specific customer requirements.


Flexible Contracts

Aiming for customer satisfaction, we offer flexibility in terms of gas sale contracts to match the operational requirements.


Flexible Duration

We offer flexible offtake durations to match the customer’s sourcing requirement.


Security of Supply

We are committed to offering no disruption in gas supply to customers for non-stop functioning of their plant and business.


Natural Gas at Doorstep

We offer gas on a delivered basis to your plant premises while managing the complexity of transportation through different gas pipeline networks.

Why Natural Gas?

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